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Our extensive collection of swimming pools and garden pools, as well as a large selection of matching pool accessories, may all be found in our online store. The same as with our garden pool and swimming pool, we give full assembly instructions with the delivery of our pool products. With our entire swimming pool pool set, you’ll be well-equipped in the area of pool accessories or swimming pool accessories when it comes to pool maintenance. Please contact us if you have any queries about pool accessories or swimming pool accessories.

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We would be pleased to assist you. Additionally, we are a knowledgeable partner in the areas of pool design and construction. Pool accessories or swimming pool accessories provide a plethora of options for heating the water in a swimming pool. The possibilities are virtually endless. There is a lot of interest in solar collectors, solar mats, and solar heater domes in this area. Solar energy is used to heat the water, which is a low-cost and environmentally beneficial alternative to traditional heating methods. It is also known as a solar tarpaulin or thermal film since it is used to absorb and store heat from the sun, as well as to protect against contamination. The pool heat pump, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly popular. Due to the weather independence provided by this system, you can easily extend your bathing season while your neighbor is busy preparing the winter cover.

On cooler days when the sky is overcast, the electric pool heater is also used to keep the pool warm. Setting up a swimming pool with the appropriate pool accessories / swimming pool accessories is an art form. It is possible to create a truly unique ambiance by using one or more underwater spotlights. There is no need to be terrified of sheet metal work because you can get the punching for the pool lights in our online shop and have it delivered to your home or business. Pool curbing and wood cladding are additional attractive options for enhancing the appearance of your swimming pool while also enhancing the overall appearance of your yard. In the domain of swimming pool covers, the selection of pool accessories and swimming pool accessories is also rather extensive and diverse. There are a variety of products available, ranging from solar tarpaulins to pool coverings, convertible domes to a durable pool tarpaulin.

Roll protection covers or safety covers can be used to secure the swimming pool in order to provide more safety for little children and animals. Every pool owner will undoubtedly find the proper cover for their pool among the large number of pool accessories available, whether they have oval pools, round pools, or eight-shaped pools. Your sand filter system conducts a significant portion of the water purification process by trapping dirt particles in filter sand or filter glass and removing them from the water. Pool vacuums, swimming pool vacuums, pool nets, as well as brushes and nets, are also commonly used and should be included in any swimming pool basic equipment list as well. The time you spend relaxing on your pool lounger, enjoying the sun, and looking forward to your next dip in a freshly cleaned pool is time well spent by your autonomous pool robot. Would you like to spare yourself the time and work of cleaning your swimming pool and instead relax and enjoy your time in a clean pool?

If this is the case, our coving or porcelain corners are recommended. A set of them is utilized at the bottom inner border of the pool, to relieve the weld seam of the inner shell and prevent dirty corners from developing. Those who choose an opposing cut-out for the skimmer and nozzle also reduce the amount of time and effort required to clean the swimming pool. This eliminates the swirling of dirt on the surface of the water and directs the material directly into the skimmer, which is a good thing. Additionally, there are many products in the pool accessories and swimming pool accessories section that can be used to winterize the pool. The water level in our high-quality pools is dropped to below the inlet nozzle throughout the winter months. Under no circumstances may the swimming pools be used, regardless of whether they are oval, circular, or eight-shaped pools, and they should always remain empty.

If the water level is appropriately dropped to a level below the built-in components, a wintering agent is introduced to the water. Always follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. The sand filter, as well as the pool hose, pool ladder, and salt electrolysis system, are all emptied and stored in a frost-proof location after being used. The pool is then protected from the elements with an appropriate winter cover. Winter plugs, winter care items, winter pillows, and pool plugs can all be utilized in conjunction with this technique. At Profi-Poolwelt.de, pool owners can find the right pool accessories / swimming pool accessories for their needs. Regular and meticulous monitoring of the water quality is one of the most important responsibilities of any pool owner and should not be overlooked. When it comes to pool accessories, you can count on dependable assistance. The usage of test strips or an electrical pH and chlorine value meter are examples of tools that can be used to measure the values in your water. Pool with a nice pattern thermometer and steel wall construction.

The temperature of the water in a swimming pool can be easily determined. Chlorine is still the most often used disinfectant in the water treatment industry. Chlorine tablets are particularly well suited for this use due to their ease of handling. These can be employed in a dosing float or in an automatic dosing system, depending on the application. The purchase of a garden shower or solar shower is also highly suggested because with every bath, we introduce pollution such as grass, skin flakes, sun cream, and other contaminants into our swimming pool water, which can lead to illness. You should take a fast shower before bathing in order to reduce this risk in advance of bathing. Our pool showers, on the other hand, are perfect for a quick refreshment in between swims. In our online shop, you may find further goods in the category pool accessories / swimming pool accessories, among other things.

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