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Going one step further, we all require vacations, and they provide excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your wife and children while making up for the time you spent working late into the night on those projects at work during the previous year. It goes without saying that Florida is one of the best places to take your family, no matter what your children’s age range and interests are. Take a look at some of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, where you’ll want to take the family the next time you go on vacation. Everyone knows about Disneyland. Going’s likely that you visited there as a child as well, and your children will enjoy it there as well!

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In addition, if you didn’t have the opportunity to visit as a child, this is a fantastic moment to make up for lost time and return to little-kid mentality with your own group of tiny little troopers, don’t you think? With 4 main theme parks and a lot of sights and events to offer at practically all hours of the day, Disneyland ranks as The top family vacaton place in the globe. It is advisable that you look into the tour plans that are available so that you can carefully plan where to go and see everything. Cocoa Beach is the place to go if one of your children is a teen surfer, which is quite likely in your household. It is the most well-known “surf city” in Florida, and surfers from all over the world come here on a daily basis.

The waves are reasonably challenging in some spots and mild in others, and there are regular beaches where the rest of the family can just hang out and sunbathe or play in the sand while the surfers are off having a good time. Sebastian Inlet is also located near south of Cocoa Beach, which is another plus. In the surfing community, this inlet is recognized for having the most consistent surf and attracting the most people. Competitions are held here on a regular basis, and if your children are keen in surfing, they will almost certainly be aware of this location. Dry Tortugas National Park is home to some of the most vibrant marine life on the planet, all nestled amongst stunningly gorgeous coral formations. Another shipwreck, the Windjammer, which is 200 feet long and is home to thousands of corals and schools of fish, can be found nearby.

Alternatively, if your children are too small to snorkel, you may rent a glass bottom boat, which will allow your family to take in the beauty of the marine life without the need to worry about getting wet. Heck, most adults do as well (unless I’m still a kid and have simply failed to recognize that I’ve grown taller), and these two locations provide the opportunity to see two of the most endearing aquatic species on the planet. Crystal River is the home of the manatees, who cluster there from November to April every year, depending on the weather. Naturally, there are stringent rules against bothering manatees, but would you really want to begin a fight with an animal that is ten feet long and weighs 1,000 pounds, no matter how friendly it appears to be?

On the other side, divers can sprint with turles in West Palm Beach because of the presence of a drift current. What about the surfer turtles from the movie Finding Nemo come to mind? The views in this military town will appeal to anyone who is interested in the armed forces, such as myself. It’s a unique town to come for a vacation because of the tanks, planes, powerful weapons of mass destruction, huge caliber guns that go BOOM!, arms, and armor that can be found here. Just remember to keep the kids away from the high-end equipment, unless you want to have to explain to the locals how your child managed to unintentionally shoot your toe off! On a more serious note, the town has superb security that keeps disasters at bay, so you can bring the whole family out to check it out without having to worry about little Timmy hitting a button and detonating a city block!

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