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You have the option of installing our oval pools free-standing, partially or totally recessed, depending on the size and kind of oval pool you choose. Regardless of which option you choose, the circular swimming pool with its elegant appearance, accentuated by the wide handrail and the stable construction, will always invite you to have fun and enjoy yourself while swimming. A variety of sizes and depths are available for the oval swimming pool, ensuring that there is something for every taste and garden.

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When assembling, always refer to the manufacturer’s assembly instructions; in these instructions, you will also find information about the properties of the floor that are required. You must grow and compact the underground of the oval pool without a retaining wall if you do not want to use a concrete floor slab; otherwise there is a possibility that the floor will continue to settle and the oval steel-walled pool will move along with it. As a result, the swimming pool begins to tilt, and it can no longer be utilized properly. Because of the oval shape of the pool, the oval steel wall pool is not only suitable for bathing enjoyment, but it is also suitable for a variety of everyday sports activities. If you swim a few laps on a regular basis, you can benefit your health in a variety of ways, including preventing back stiffness and joint discomfort. In this way, your oval pool building in your own garden contributes to your overall well-being. That is the height of luxury.

For your above-ground pool to remain as luxurious as possible, it must of course be well-maintained and cleaned. It is at this point that the sand filter system comes in handy. It removes dirt particles and suspended materials from the water and circulates the entire pool water multiple times a day in your swimming pool system. In either case, you can get the appropriate sand filter system for your oval pool as part of an above-ground pool complete set, or you can put together your garden pool and pool accessories yourself. We will, of course, be pleased to assist you in this matter. Because of the introduction of new, high-quality water-care solutions, you can now spend more time in your swimming pool rather than caring for the water.

The inconvenient task of measuring chemicals such as chlorine is no longer required, nor is the risk of chemical burns any longer present. In the form of long-term chlorine tablets, chlorine is dosed according to the volume of water in a dosing float, which is subsequently placed on the surface of a pond or lake. The metering float now floats through the oval pool without the assistance of retaining walls, allowing the chlorine to be distributed slowly and evenly. You will save both time and money as a result of this. The correct sand filter system is, of course, required in order for water care to be as simple as it is. As the debris is filtered out of the water, the algae and bacteria breeding grounds are removed, resulting in a healthier environment. It can be tough to discover the correct sand filter system for the oval pool that has been chosen in some cases today.

The usage of an oval pool set in its entirety as a backup strategy makes sense. Everything has already been assembled in the proper manner here. It includes not just the sand filtration system, but also the appropriate pool ladder, bottom protection fleece, and tarpaulin, in addition to the oval pool. However, if you intend to incorporate pool heating into your system, it is generally recommended that you upgrade to a more powerful sand filtration system. But with an above-ground pool set, it is also possible to get this result. The basic pool ladder can easily be replaced with a stainless steel ladder if desired by the homeowner. When choosing a pool ladder, you should consider the construction of your pool as well as your personal preferences. The type of sub-floor determines whether or not a concrete floor slab is required. More specific information can be found in the assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer. However, no matter what type of underground structure is used, it must always be straight and level.

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