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With an oval pool from Pool.net, you can create a vacation-like atmosphere in your own backyard. Bring the vacation home and realize your goal of owning a swimming pool in your own backyard. Swimming in our exquisite oval pools is particularly popular with families because there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy themselves while swimming, paddling, and romping around. We would be delighted to assist you in the selection of your ideal pool and the appropriate accessories based on our many years of experience. Our online store offers a large selection of high-quality bathrooms at competitive prices.

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The exquisite steel wall pools in classic white are available in our online shop, as are circular pools made of aluminum or stainless steel that have a noble appearance to them. Above-ground pools with extra-wide handrails round out the selection of options. Because we manufacture our “Germany Pools” in-house in Germany, we are able to provide them in a wide range of sizes, depths, and even alternative materials. We will be delighted to provide you with a personalized quote for your dream swimming pool, including the specific measurements you require. In addition to the high-quality steel pool, we also have the stainless steel oval pool and the aluminum oval pool available in our online shop for your convenience. Both materials have the advantage of not allowing rust to pass through them.

You are building a swimming pool wall across numerous generations when you choose between an aluminum oval pool and a stainless steel oval pool. The weight of aluminum is also substantially lower than that of steel, allowing for even more ease in putting the parts together. When placing your purchase, be sure to choose the skimmer and nozzle with the opposite punching to avoid the formation of a vortex of filth on the surface of the water. Assuming that the built-in components are positioned opposite one another, contaminants are pressed directly into and out of the skimmer, where they are removed. This will save you a significant amount of time and work in the cleaning process. Pools that are oval in shape must be partially sunk by at least 2/3. A concrete floor slab is also necessary as a sturdy and pressure-resistant subsoil because of the weight of the building.

Furthermore, retaining walls or retaining walls have to be constructed on the long sides of the structure. The backfilling of the oval basin with lean concrete is required if the oval basin is partially or entirely embedded in the ground in order to prevent damage caused by soil sliding in. Different variants, such as an oval above-ground pool, are also available for purchase. These oval swimming pools are supported by a support system, which allows the pool to be installed above ground. The step-by-step assembly instructions that are included in the scope of delivery guide you through the entire process of assembly. As a convenience to you, we also offer our high-quality pools as a full set, which includes all of the necessary accessories. In the steel wall poolSet, we have already assembled all of the necessary components for you to build your fantasy swimming pool at home. Each of the individual components was meticulously coordinated with the other components.

Additionally, the delivery will include a floor protection fleece as well as an effective sand filter system with a powerful pump, as well as filter glass and connecting material. You can pick between steel ladders and stainless steel ladders in a variety of designs, depending on the model and construction version. To make your swimming pool accessories even more helpful, Poro corners or chamfers are highly advised for installation. The assembly will take place on the inner lower edge of the swimming pool’s inner inner lower edge. This lessens pressure on the pool liner’s weld seam and helps to keep unclean corners at bay.

By investing in a vacuum robot, you can save a significant amount of time when cleaning the swimming pool. When it comes to heating the water, solar heating systems, as well as heat pumps, are frequently used. We would be delighted to assist you in the selection of your own pool as well as the selection of the appropriate pool accessories. Our knowledgeable advising team is looking forward to hearing from you! You will find the ideal oval pool in our online shop, which is available in stainless steel, aluminum, or steel.

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