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Not so long ago, we obtained our daily news from one of three sources: the newspaper, television, or radio. The entire globe relied on these three outlets to keep up with what was going on in the world, to the point where media corporations effectively controlled the entire world. No longer the case today, thanks to the internet, which has ensured that news is no longer the exclusive domain of any one single media outlet.

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Everywhere you look, people are re-inventing themselves to be able to transfer their content to a web platform. The web is distributing news far more quickly than it ever has before. When major news breaks in Palestine, people in South Africa or the South Pole will be the first to know about it as soon as it appears on the internet as a news item, according to the Palestine News Agency. Individuals, who previously made up the majority of newspaper customers and television viewers, now get their news through their personal computers and smartphones, rather than from traditional media. Mobile phones can now be used to receive a wide variety of news stories thanks to technological advancements.

In current figures, persons who own mobile phones are estimated to spend between 65 percent and 75 percent of their day in close proximity to their handheld gadgets. This implies that individuals will receive alerts for any news that they are interested in, regardless of the source. They will never have to purchase a newspaper or a magazine. Pictures and videos are readily available on the internet, and the necessity for television to provide visual reinforcement for news stories is diminishing even further. It is completely conceivable for a piece of news to spread around the globe without a single word of hard copy. The use of a simple mobile phone may keep a person as informed as someone living in New York or Paris, even in remote areas where it is difficult to deliver hard print media in previous generations.

Many media companies from the 1980s and 1990s failed to adapt because they were unable to adjust their ways. They were reliant on advertising income generated through traditional print media, but the internet has altered the nature of this revenue source as well in recent years. Almost any advertisement that a company considers will be considered on the internet, as well as possibly for hard copy publication as well. Advertising on the internet is also quite inexpensive, which means that media firms will have to find alternative sources of cash to supplement their current revenue streams. Many of the top magazines have made the switch to online distribution. However, the debate over whether or not hard copy newspapers and magazines will be replaced by digital versions continues to rage. They are not left with many options, however, because as long as a person has access to a low-cost mobile phone that can connect to the internet, which the vast majority of people do, they will almost always prefer to get their news information from the internet.

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