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Look, boys and gals, being a self-proclaimed branding expert is all well and good when the economy is booming and small businesses, corporations, and other organizations are spending a colossal amount of money on advertising and marketing campaigns. Those days are over, at least for the time being, and the recession is prompting a significant number of branding professionals to abandon ship; nevertheless, what does this indicate about your abilities?

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The fact that there are hundreds of individuals doing what you do means that the only way to stand out in this extremely saturated market is to believe in the power of your own brand. G Gulati assists people in connecting with their real personal brand in order to find their passion, purpose, and profit. His clients come from all walks of life, and they range in age from 15 to 70. His ultimate goal is to grow them into the world’s most prominent leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

I’ve heard brand marketers claim that their clients do not want to spend the money, but hey, what a load of nonsense! Do you agree with me? I was under the impression that your role as a brand consultant was to increase value and loyalty. Why not construct some for yourself, after all, don’t you believe in practicing what you preach? Bring it on, people. In order to demonstrate that you have true competence in this industry, you must show some determination and get to work, providing your consumers with a branding experience that is similar to the services you are attempting to market to them. It’s important to remember that talk is cheap and that success is what they are after. Consider investing some time in getting to know your company and being able to explain your views and emotions before moving on with the process of hiring a brand management service.

Even seasoned branding gurus will recognize and appreciate your commitment to properly explain the reasons why your firm exists – aside from revenues, of course – in your marketing materials. According to my observations, this is the most typical blunder made by firms when employing brand consultants that ultimately does not work out. What if you had to go to a podiatrist to get a face lift instead? Is it possible for you to put your trust in your real estate broker to handle the remainder of your portfolio? Most likely not. If your company is a start-up with limited resources, you require a branding expert who understands how to create a brand from the ground up, who understands the challenges that lie ahead for someone in your position, who understands your target audience and knows how to communicate with them directly and effectively. If your company’s staff list contains only three names, you should avoid hiring a branding firm with a long list of large corporate clients.

Significant experience in an unrelated profession or industry is far worse than a smaller client list comprised of individuals who fall within your target demographic. Remember, you want a firm that has the necessary experience in understanding every facet of your target audience – from what they watch to what they read, from where they get their news to what they wear and everything in between. It involves more than just comprehending data gleaned from research; it also involves determining what your target audience wants to hear and communicating it to them in such a way that they will receive the correct message. So you’ve discovered someone you can rely on, who understands your situation and understands what you want to do.

Now comes the phase of the interview where things frequently go awry and the interviewer loses their cool. While you are still in the hiring process, you invite the expert to give a presentation to you and key decision makers in your organization. The expert comes out as eager, engaging, and confident. Afterwards, the presentation is presented, and the room falls silent once more. Although the presentation was intelligent and direct, it was totally appropriate for another organization. Without implying that the presentation was inadequate, or that the firm had the necessary expertise, I would simply point out that sometimes the information delivered does not correspond to your expectations, nor does it correspond to the direction you assume you should take. It is reasonable to expect knowledgeable solutions to your concerns if the company with which you are working is savvy enough. This works some of the time, but not all of the time.

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