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Take pleasure in the pure holiday feeling in your own garden, complete with oval pool! Have you been fantasizing about having your own swimming pool in your backyard for a long time? When you visit Profi-Poolwelt.de, you will know that you have arrived at the correct location. We will work with you to see that your dream becomes a reality. The benefits of having your own swimming pool are especially enjoyable during the summer months, when you can spend time with your family and loved ones splashing around and swimming.

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An oval pool provides a lot of area for this, which is why families and swimmers who enjoy sports, in particular, choose oval pools. Our knowledgeable advisory team will be pleased to assist you with any inquiries you may have regarding swimming pools and pool accessories! With the help of the support structure or the side supports, our above-ground steel wall pools, including oval and circular pools, can be set up free-standing in your garden. You have a choice of two different depths: 1.20m and 1.32m. You will be able to enjoy this high-quality pool for a long time because of its stability and high-quality workmanship. The elliptical shape of our pool, along with a wide metal handrail, gives our pool a refined appearance.

At least two-thirds of the high-quality swimming pool and the swimming pool are flooded to varying extents. Alternatively, a complete installation in the ground is also an option to consider. For the stable subsurface, a concrete floor slab that is perfectly horizontal is constructed. Retaining walls, also known as retaining walls, are important for the stabilization of the long sides of structures. The circular pool is protected from the ground’s external pressure by a lean concrete backfill or, alternatively, by the continuation of the retaining wall. Our steel jacket Germany pools, which are manufactured in Germany, are available in the classic white color and in depths of 1.20 m, 1.35 m, and 1.50 m. With an oval pool made of stainless steel or aluminum, a pool wall built over multiple generations is possible! This swimming pool is appealing not only because of its noble and ageless appearance, but also because of the unusual material used to construct it.

Swimming pools made of stainless steel are frequently chosen for partial or total installation due to the fact that stainless steel cannot rust through. Additionally, an aluminum oval pool has the advantage of not allowing rust to penetrate the pool jacket. In addition, because the material is lighter, the process of assembling the swimming pool is made more convenient. Every garden benefits from the basic white since it blends in with its surroundings. Is that a brilliant red oval basin? Alternatively, would you prefer a stone appearance? Are you looking for a certain size? Please get in touch with us. Special demands can also be accommodated due to the fact that our Germany pools are manufactured in-house.

We look forward to receiving your query and will be delighted to provide you with a personalized offer. Oval pools originating in Germany-Pools: Your advantages as a result of our own production are as follows: Special dimensions are feasible, as is a high degree of adaptability. High quality requirements are also possible. It is possible to pick up your order from the manufacturer. The pool lights has been cut out. If required, an additional nozzle cut-out can be made. Skimmer and nozzle are cut-outs on the opposite side of the tank. Pool curb stones are particularly well suited for enhancing the appearance of your swimming pool while also creating a visually pleasing separation between it and the rest of your landscape.

These are made of frost-resistant natural shine and have an elegantly curved front edge to complement their frost-resistant nature. These curbs are available in a variety of colors to give your home a unique look. Underwater spotlights create a moody atmosphere by reflecting light off the water. When you work with us, you won’t have to be concerned about the sheet metal work since we can have the punching done by an expert at the facility on your schedule. For a precise recess, a precise hole pattern, and tight fitting points, use a rotary tool. Your swimming pool will undoubtedly become the new main point of your backyard.

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