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In the long term, lost energy throughout your facility can become a source of financial concern for you. Consider obtaining an energy audit from your commercial HVAC repair provider at the time of your next scheduled service appointment. Due to the fact that you currently spend money on commercial HVAC services, you may want to investigate whether or not the HVAC system that you have in place in your building is operating at an energy-saving level. The conditioned air in your facility may be escaping simply because it is not being properly sealed. It is possible that you are wasting a percentage of the money you spend on business HVAC services if you are in this circumstance where you are experiencing energy leaks.

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If you notice that your energy bills are consistently higher than they should be, it is possible that you have undiagnosed energy leaks throughout your building that are to blame. Numerous energy leaks are commonly related with the loss of heat that occurs throughout the winter months. It is possible that energy leaks will have an impact on the internal temperature of your building throughout the summer and other warm weather months as well. An energy analysis may provide some of the most valuable information into both how well your HVAC system is doing and whether or not there are any issues with your building that are preventing it from achieving its maximum performance. It is beneficial to conduct an energy analysis in order to identify specific areas of your building that may require additional insulation and/or sealing. An energy audit can also assist you in identifying areas where you can save more money on your water and electricity utilities bills.

If your building is not adequately weatherized, and you are either utilizing your air conditioning system or your heater, it is quite similar to attempting to maintain a steady temperature within a room while leaving a window open in the winter. If you have your heating or cooling system running during this condition, your system will work significantly harder and for a much longer period of time in order to maintain the desired temperature than if the window is closed. By correctly weatherizing your building, you can save a significant amount of money on your energy bills. It is believed that this technique is extremely cost-effective when you take into account the energy savings in both air conditioning and heating over the course of a year. It is possible to work with your commercial HVAC services provider to assess the exact weatherization requirements of your building complex.

A blower door can be used by your business HVAC professional to determine whether or not your building is properly sealed and weatherized. This test can also reveal how much air is leaving from your structure as a result of its design. After your building has been properly sealed, if necessary, and weatherized, your HVAC professional will use the blower door to determine if any further air is leaking out of the structure. Additionally, your HVAC professional can utilize a range of different tools to discover any other energy leaks that may be present in your building’s structure. In particular, infrared cameras can aid in the detection of temperature changes across your facility as well as the discovery of potential energy leaks. HVAC ducts, second only to windows and doors in terms of energy leakage, are frequently required to be inspected and are a key suspect in many cases.

All of these areas must be adequately sealed in order to help reduce energy losses as much as possible. The majority of structures experience some kind of energy loss. Because of the high volume of circulation with employees and customers in most commercial buildings, doors and windows are the most common places where energy leaks occur. Another source of energy leaks can be found in the basement joists as well as in the plumbing system throughout the entire building. If you want to save money on your energy bills and keep your HVAC system functioning smoothly, make sure to close all of your windows and doors when they are not in use. Also, if you do not currently have a high-efficiency HVAC system, you should consider upgrading to one because it will allow you to save even more money in the long term.

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